The purpose of a seawall (sea wall) is to protect your valuable waterfront property from erosion. Erosion occurs when waves constantly churn, at liberty, against your shoreline. Stress from extreme weather conditions, such as heavy seasonal rains, coastal flooding, storm surges, and hurricanes, can reap havoc on your shoreline, as well as on your existing seawall. Seawall installation, and maintenance, is an on going necessity to provide an effective long-term solution to controlling erosion. A seawall that hasn’t been properly maintained can be more expensive to repair, and could ultimately lead to the seawall having to be replaced. Basic maintenance can prolong the life of your seawall.

 There is no doubt that installing a seawall is a considerable investment, which makes choosing a marine contractor with exceptional experience and expertise, of utmost importance. Mike Duncan, the contractor for Coast Seawall, has over 34 years experience in new seawall construction, seawall replacement, and seawall repair. A seawall is only successful if it is constructed well, with a proper design, using appropriate materials.

 At Coast Seawall, we build seawalls using a variety of materials: reinforced concrete, steel, vinyl, wood, aluminum, Florida limestone, gabions, and fiberglass composite. The design and type of seawall we install depends on your waterfront location and erosion processes associated with your location. We also make sure the anchor system (tieback system) we install, if necessary, is properly engineered, equipped to withstand the constant attack from wave energy upon your seawall.

 At Coast Seawall, we believe in the saying, “you get what you pay for.” As you embark on the sober decision as to which seawall company to hire for your seawall construction, please remember that Coast Seawall does not compromise the integrity of a seawall by using faulty or subordinate materials, or processes, just to reduce cost. We will not use inferior methods just to “sell the job.” We care too much about our customers and our own reputation to undermine the integrity of this business.

 Give us a call; we will help with any questions you might have. By taking you from permitting to completed project, we ensure all your marine construction needs are met. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Vinyl Seawall w/ Concrete Cap
Vinyl Seawall w/ Concrete Cap, Rock Revetment
Rock Revetment Seawall
Vinyl Wall Concrete Cap Seawall
Rock Revetment
Double Wooden Wall-Rock Revetment
Seawall Installation and Repair
vinyl seawalls with a concrete cap
vinyl seawalls with a concrete cap
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