Beautiful Rock Revetment

 The purpose of a rock revetment (rip-rap) wall is to absorb the energy of incoming water, due to storm surges, heavy seasonal rains, and/or flooding, so that your shoreline, whether along the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, or canal front, is protected against erosion.

 Coast Seawall Dock & Boatlifts has over 40 years experience in installing rock revetments (rock walls) as stand-alone rock (rip-rap) walls, or as reinforcement in front of an existing aluminum, concrete, wood, or vinyl seawall that has begun to fail.

 Rock revetments are a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly way to repair and maintain the integrity of your seawall. Coast Seawall uses various sizes of beautiful, weighty, Florida limestone rock, graded to an engineered specified slope, that is placed by machinery as well as by hand. We will work with you to ensure the proper size diameter rock is used for your rock project.

 Not only is a rock revetment used as a stand-alone seawall, and reinforcement to an existing seawall, but is also used as a retaining wall, in gabions, or as a jetty.

 Whatever your need, you can rest easy knowing Coast Seawall Dock & Boatlifts, Inc. is taking great care to preserve your valuable waterfront property.